Its all about reputation! This year we were put in contact with the organizers of the Vegadale food festival held at Fort York. A festival that travels to several major North American cities every year and was landing right here in Toronto. A huge event, the turnout was over the top as THOUSANDS poured in to enjoy vegan cuisine. Everything from vegan ribs, vegan hot dogs all the way down to vegan ice cream (Ben and Jerrys had a free scoop tent....we gave them a lot of attention).

Over the course of two days, Vegandale provided JobReadyCPR with 48 hours of service! Hiring two medics plus one student giving us the opportunity to run through our JobReady Training Program. Our new members Jason B and Rebecca L have now started down the road of career readiness!

The festival itself had numerous challenges. We provided 56 acts of service over the event and 1 ambulance call. Over all an extremely well planned event that went off without a hitch. Also, I tried the vegan ribs and I have to say, not bad.


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