Metis Rendezvous 2017!

After a long summer JobReadyCPR is about to kick off the fall season with the Metis Rendezvous! We've been lucky enough to have landed the contract with the Toronto and York Region Metis Council for the first annual gathering which is being held at Black Creek Pioneer Village. 

So, the rendezvous is a cultural gathering historic Metis would attend to sell wares, connect and meet up as well as celebrate. This event will be packed full of cultural goodness including Jigging, Fiddle Playing, Fireside Story telling from our Senators as well as many performers and artists.

JobReadyCPR will be covering all the medical needs as well as managing most of the volunteer staffing for the event! Every event is an opportunity for learning, growth and progress. This presented a fantastic opportunity to bring along our Jr. Medic Christine D as well as another Sr. Medic (last seen during the NAIG) , Wahbzii S. JobReadyCPR is proud to say both are Indigenous Women and who provide outstanding service to the community moving towards careers in healthcare!

Look forward to seeing you at the Rendezvous!



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