Meet our Rendezvous Crew!

Updated: Jun 21, 2018


A Sr. Medic with JobReadyCPR, Wahbzii is from a reservation in southwestern Ontario located on Walpole Island. A recent graduate from the Lambton College Paramedic Program, Wahbzii is pursuing and education in Health & Fitness promotion. 

"My goal is to be an asset to a reservation where the resources are limited. Ill accomplish this by being a paramedic as well as starting programs that will help communities live a healthy lifestyle or Mino Bimaadziwin (The Good Life)"

The 2017 Metis Rendezvous will be Wahbzii's second tour with JobReadyCPR following NAIG 2017.


A Jr. Medic with JobReadyCPR. Christine is a Metis Citizen living in Toronto. Currently in her third year of biological sciences at Guelph University, Christine is enhancing her skill set by working in the field with real patients and real problems.

With big future plans, Christine hopes to enter a research position regarding medical sciences.

Metis Rendezvous 2017 will be Christine's second tour with JobReadyCPR. She was an integral part of the NAIG 2017 operations. Christine herself served 36 of the 247 volunteer hours completed by all 13 volunteers. 


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