Masters Indigenous Games 2018!

The games are here!

Archery, TiPi Raising, Arctic Games, Lacrosse, Canoeing and MANY MORE. Being held at Downsview Park during what looks like a GORGEOUS week for weather, athletes from all across North America have gathered to compete in the games.

Due to outstanding performance last year (See NAIG 2017) MIG organisers have brought us back to provide the athletes and sports fans with complete medical coverage. This year we are spread out over three locations over the three day event.

This provides us with an outstanding opportunity to provide both amazing experience for our dedicated staff to learn and grow as medics, as well as 192 working hours!

Bigger than this, I am PROUD to announce that out of the 22 positions available, an amazing (and our biggest success) 50% have been staffed with Indigenous peoples.

JobReadyCPR was started with the goal of providing our clients with quality medical services while giving back to the local community. We do this through experience, work hours and training for the local Indigenous communities who are vastly underrepresented in today's healthcare workforce. For us, it's events like this that make the big difference.

To the athletes, do your best and go for the gold - we've got your backs.

Happy and Safe Games!



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