JobReadyCPR goes on vacation!

Its time for a break! With all the hard work being put in at JRCPR HQ ive forgot to take a little time for me! Its important to remember that life is a fine balance between others and self. One of the key fundamentals being reinforced, strengthened, strongly emphasized in healthcare is the concept of self care.

Many of my peers both in emergency services, hospital settings or really any kind of ´position of care´ are highly focused on providing the highest quality path on the journey of care as possible. These are the same peers who suffer weight gain, weight loss, no sleep, issues at home, the list goes on and on. Self care is highly important and we need to remember that we are not invulnerable from the negative effects of the job.

In the many posts to come, we will talk about and explore topics such as PTSD, stress management and how to create effective social supports which help to mitigate the effects of healthcare related stressors.

For now, (may 19-26)  im gonna be kicking it back working on some behind the scenes things including the website, a contract thats brewing between JobReadyCPR, Fort York Aboriginal Festival and APTN. Till next time, cheers!


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