JobReadyCPR finally launches!

After months of hard work, navigating the world of business and taking the time to properly set up, JobReadyCPR is ready to open its doors to the public!

So here I am, in Toronto and about to celebrate my fourth year performing emergency medicine. As far back as I can go iv'e always worked in emergency services in some form or another.

Whether that be in a suicide and distress call center, working for a post disaster recovery service or even at the RCMP hq itself, this has been my life for years.

After much consideration and a very consistent witnessed need for teaching and education, iv'e finally been able to make my dream come true. With my experience, training and desire to create a safer more healthy community, JobReadyCPR is the perfect way for me to give something back.

Stay tuned as my business develops and grows over the next couple of months. Ill be putting pen to paper on exactly how we can help you, your business and your community.


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