JobReady @ Fort York!

June 21/25th @ the Historic Fort York Toronto we launched our first ever event! Joining me were three amazing Juniors. Michelle, Simone and Keston were there for the event learning valuable skills.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the Juniors who attended got to apply hands on training working towards building their unique portfolios.

All the attendees were under our excellent medical coverage as we provided 13 patrons with the support they needed as well as offered free vital sign taking to an additional 12!

Overall, it was an amazing experience and we had a lot of fun. Fort York delivered on providing an amazing background to what was a visually stunning display of Aboriginal art, performance and culture. If you missed out, definitely come next year, theres plenty of room in the drum circle!

Simone Radio

Simone the superstar practicing her radio skills

Simone Skills

Junior Member Simone Checking the health of festival go-ers!

Keston Vitals

Junior Member Keston Checking the health of festival go-ers!

Michelle Vitals

Michelle learning to gather vitals on our very own JRCPR Doctor!

Let me help you!

Questions? Need help? Not feeling well? Come see me! John at the main tent!


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