Big Changes, Big Events.

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

I know we've been quiet for a while and that's because we've been working really hard on some HUGE things. Its taken a massive amount of energy and effort but the roll out has begun!

NAIG MASTERS is here! Yes its that time of year again and the North American Indigenous games are back. This year it's 500 of the top Indigenous athletes from everywhere in North America coming to Toronto to compete for the big titles. AND in a fantastic bit of news, JOBREADYCPR will be staffing the event! No numbers as of yet but it looks like some serious experience time for our AMAZING Indigenous Medics.

A NEW WEBSITE has been in development for months now as you may or may not have noticed. A fantastic web development team has been working tirelessly on my insane demands and have produced the best look for us yet! Check out some of our new sections and portals with more to come. Keep up on our transition into a possible NOT FOR PROFIT model in the near future!

FORT YORK ABORIGINAL WEEK is upon us!! APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) and Fort York have partnered once again this year to provide you with a fantastic line up of extremely talented artists, performers and story tellers at this year's event. (

As amazing Indigenous partners they have once again hired JOBREADYCPR to provide all medical coverage for the big weekend. Thats over 40 hours of patient care / interaction experience!

Meet the Fort York Team 2018!

Wahbzii - A Sr. Medic with JobReadyCPR, Wahbzii is from a reservation in Southwestern Ontario located on Walpole Island. A recent graduate from the Lambton College Paramedic Program, Wahbzii is pursuing an education in Health & Fitness promotion. 

"My goal is to be an asset to a reservation where the resources are limited. I'll accomplish this by being a paramedic as well as starting programs that will help communities live a healthy lifestyle or Mino Bimaadziwin (The Good Life)".

Connie - A Sr. Medic with JobReadyCPR, she is also a Metis Citizen from the Georgian Bay region. Connie is a mother of four children and an aspiring Paramedic. She enjoys healthcare as it allows her to give back to her community. Connie thinks that it’s important to let everyone know that it’s never too late educate yourself and chase after your dreams .

Christine - A Jr. Medic with JobReadyCPR, Christine is a Metis Citizen living in Guelph. Currently in her fourth year of biological sciences at Guelph University, Christine is enhancing her skill set by working in the field with real patients and real problems.

With big future plans, Christine hopes to enter a research position regarding medical sciences.


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