A show of support : Louis Riel Day

And what a glorious day it was, Louis Riel November 18 2017 at Toronto City Hall where the infinity flag was raised. 

This year we had a fantastic turn out at City hall, Queens park and eventually at the Native Canadian Center on Spadina. The flag was raised, speeches were made and it was quite beautiful. This day is in remembrance of Louis Riel and the "Northwest Rebellion" which took place in 1885. The Metis were facing incredible hardships at the hands of colonists. Voices started emerging. The people were to be heard. As a result, an army was raised right here in Toronto. The government had to turn people away so many had turned out to fight the 'half breeds and that trouble maker Louis Riel'. On Nov 16 1885 after much fighting, Louis Riel was hung.

Toronto Paramedics at Louis Riel Day

Councillor John Budarick and Chief McEachen arrive in full dress uniform to support Louis Riel day at Toronto City hall.

Toronto Paramedics at Louis Riel Day

President Froh of the MNO and President Beaulieu of the TYRMC pose with Councillor Budarick and Chief McEachen during Louis Riel Day!

This event marks a dark time in Canadian History. While, negative in itself, this is our history. It did happen. Our history, the Metis history, was almost a footnote. This is one of the many reasons we are called "The Forgotten People".

President Froh speaks at Queens Park

President Froh speaks at Queens park for Louis Riel day 2017. She speaks about remembrance, solidarity, accomplishments and hope

A salute to heroes past

Wreaths were lain at the memorial for Louis Riel in remembrance.

This was a huge event for me personally. Being a Paramedic is a large portion of who I am. It is a portion of what gives me meaning and allows me to fill my role in my community. The uniform also binds me to all of those who have donned a uniform in a shield of solidarity. I am connected to my ancestors who served, fought and died in battles just like the "rebellion". 

Today meant a lot to me because my service recognized my heritage as legitimate (as opposed to the last hundred years of being non defined). My service recognized me as a Metis Citizen. 





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