247 Volunteer hours later...

Wow. NAIG was crazy, tiring, hot, fun, overwhelming, busy....Just some of the terms wed all use to describe the intense workload we all shared in over the last few weeks.

Now that its all over for another four years, the official report has been written and the numbers are in...

JobReadyCPR donated a total of 247 hours into the volunteer pool. We successfully ran the entire Paramedical services for the York Campus events INCLUDING Tait Mackenzie (Volleyball, basketball) , The Toronto Track Center (Wrestling) and the York Lions Stadium (General Track and Field).

This was no easy task my friends. It took the know-how of some of my closest friends and volunteers to pull this off. Temperatures reached 35C in the hot, no shade arena of York Lions and some of these kids have never been south of the tree line! JobReady was prepared though with our Harm Reduction teams handing out bottles of water left right and center.... something to the tune of 1000 per day.

On the other side, JobReadyCPR also was contracted to perform paid duty as well, earning us positions for 12 pay duty slots! Obviously the biggest contract JRCPR has ever done! Medics attended events all across the GTA including Barrie, Six Nations Reserve, McMaster and even Durham College.

I couldnt be more proud of everyone that pulled together and made the event work, kept the space safe for all the student athletes and made the name JobReadyCPR stand out.

Sidelines at Track and field

JobReadyCPR sitting watching sideline at NAIG track and field

First Aid Tent on duty!

JobReadyCPR first aid tent up and running at Track and Field, York Lions Stadium with volunteer Keston!

Eating in the traditional Medic ways

JobReadyCPR Volunteers eating a meal the only way they can - in between calls!

JobReadyCPR @ Lacrosse

JobReadyCPR Watching lacross at Six Nations Reserve Ontario

Harm Reduction on the move!

Harm Reduction teams facilitated by JobReadyCPR saw a drastic decrease to heat related illness!

Veteran Medic John on duty!

JobReadyCPR brings in only the best talent from around Ontario!

Highly trained, Highly Motivated

JobReadyCPR has a goal of strengthening the Indigenous community. Wahbzii is a proud Medic as well as Aboriginal community Member.

The actual winners!

These were just some of the medal winners at NAIG meeting the LT. Governer of Ontario at a special celebration just for them!


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