About Us

Our Vision

To better the community we live in by creating safer workplaces and well prepared individuals.

About Us

JobReadyCPR developed out of one paramedic’s desire to bring advanced health and safety training to workplaces that have had inconsistent and ineffective training programs. We offer specialized first aid and CPR training to organizations and groups to give teams the skills to care for their own staff and clients in the event of an emergency. We back that up with WSIB approved first aid kits and AED's so that your team has the tools needed when it matters most. Events can sometimes pose an extra challenge for your organization and JobReadyCPR is there to provide on-site medical services for events from small gatherings to large festivals. 

Our courses and events are led by certified and experienced staff that not only train the individuals, but teach them to work as a team to support one another. As a company with indigenous roots, JobReadyCPR is dedicated to giving back by providing free first aid courses and on the job event medical training to at least 1 indigenous youth for every workplace class held, providing them with the skills and experience for employment or further study in health care.

Our Vision

To prepare individuals to work as a team in the workplace in the event of a medical emergency. We build skills through first aid and CPR courses, provide tools in the form of WSIB approved first aid kits and AEDs, and ensure preparedness with annual inspections of the equipment and re-certification of staff. Our community outreach starts with youth, specifically those from the indigenous community, to build these skills early and give them the confidence and support to explore advanced training in health care and become a part of the workplace teams that we are building.

Core Values

We pursue our mission and vision in light of these core values: